Termidor Termite Treatment bunbury

Each job is unique therefore solutions will vary from property to property. Servicing Bunbury and the South West of WA, we provide professional termite inspections and termite treatment services that will provide a tailor made solution for termite management at your property. This could include a termite baiting and monitoring system such as Exterra or a non-repellent termite treatment using Termidor.

Exterra Termite Treatment BunburyTermites cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to properties in Western Australia. The problem with termites damaging a house are not limited to old or timber framed houses, termites can cause damage to a double brick home in such areas as kitchen cupboards, vanity units etc. If the termites go undetected they can cause extensive damage to the roof timbers. It is a myth that termites do not eat jarrah.

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